Common Drywall Damage

Drywall is what makes up plenty of walls in buildings and homes around the United States. This material is cheap and easy to work with, which is why it has become so popular. Drywall, though, is susceptible to damage that some other materials would not be affected by. Let’s go over some of the common problems you may run into when you have drywall installed in your residential home or commercial building.

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Water can be detrimental for drywall, as the material can become compromised when the substance is introduced. Remember that drywall is essentially plaster, which will become paste if enough water has been exposed to it. Water damage to drywall is a common indicator of plumbing leaks, roofing issues, or past floods.


Mold is another issue that can be caused when water is introduced to drywall. Mold can be potentially dangerous, as it can cause respiratory issues. It forms when moisture gets drawn to the panel’s cores, which then becomes the perfect place for mold to grow and spread. It feeds on the layers of paper and the organic materials in drywall, leaving you with problems to handle.


Water isn’t the only thing that can severely harm drywall; termites do a good job of this, as well. Termites enjoy eating the paper layers used when installing drywall, but they don’t eat the plaster. If you see damage to the paper of your drywall, you may have termites and will need to have the area inspected and treated before getting drywall repair johnson county.

When you are constantly inspecting your drywall, you may be able to find problems before they become major issues. Look for water damage, mold, or termite damage that could indicate the need for drywall repairs in your home or commercial business.