Dentist Plays An Important Role In Child Development

The first five years or so of a young child’s life are formative and important. Even with all the best care in the world in a healthy environment, these years could be quite awkward, but they never need to have both physical and emotional aches and pains as may be the case when a young child is entirely not cared for. Of course, a young child is going to cry incessantly if it is without food. During these critical years, the pediatric dentist jacksonville fl clinic will be one of the most important places a young child is going to visit.

In fact, the dentist advises expectant mothers and fathers that by the time their young and growing infants start showing signs of teeth growth is that time to bring the child in for its first dental exam. This may confuse young parents. They may have conducted their own rudimentary exam, which they should be doing, of course. But look, mom. Look dad. No teeth at this time. You may not yet see the teeth.

But it is there, and the baby feels it. It can be quite uncomfortable for the unsuspecting child who is faced with so many new physical manifestations it would not have been privy to before. While this would usually have been quite confusing at times, it is wholly distressing, and maybe even, quite frightening for the young child. But of course the dentist is able to bring immediate comfort to that child.

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While still in infancy or beyond, the dentist will have prescribed dental medication which is not harmful to the child’s developing teeth and gums. And further dental exams are imminent, as well as the concerned mothers and fathers should know by now.